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Carpet and Textiles Cleaning

Our cleaning service assures a long-lasting appearance of carpets, panels and other textiles. 

The inital spot cleaning will remove any major stains. Then our deep-cleaning (wet extraction) will ensure the best result for your high-quality fabrics. 

FIBER SEAL Deep Cleaning & Protection Program includes a Fire Blocking renewal as well as an

Anti-static and Anti-stain Treatment. All applications are certified and industry-approved.

FIBER SEAL® is a registered trade mark 

Leather restoration

Leather restoration
and care

FIBER SEAL's  Leather Restoration and Care Program

is designed to restore any leather products such as seats, divans or cushion to its former beauty.

We provide cleaning and treatment of leather seats, cockpit seats, sofas and panels. After a full cleaning, all leather goods are treated with leather protector to nourish the leather. 

Our touch-up or full repainting service restores teh original colour of the leather and will prolong the refurbishment cycle of the cabin interior.



Our staff are experienced, highly qualified specialists in textiles and leather care.

Our technicians are carefully selected and continuously trained to resolve the most demanding interior appearance issues.

It is our firm believe that Operators, Maintenance Stations as well as Aircraft Owners and Financiers share the same interest:

To safeguard the long-time quality of the interior of the aircraft while assuring the highest levels of cabin comfort, appearance and fire safety compliance.


Emergency Cleaning Kit

Our Emergency Cleaning Kit is easy to store on board and can quickly deal with the most common spots and stains.

  • 3 different textile spot cleaners against food, drinks and general soiling.

  • 3 different leather products to clean and protect most common leather.

If required we also provide training for cabin crew and ground staff on the usage of our cleaning kits.

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