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Premium carpet,
textile and leather deep cleaning
and protection services

developed in Switzerland

Our customers

Our customers

Over the last 20 years FIBER SEAL has established a reputation as an essential independent service provider.

We are widely recognised in the aviation industry as
one of Europe’s leading cabin appearance companies. Business aircraft owners and operators as well as world’s leading MROs rely on FIBER SEAL services.

FIBER SEAL’S Deep Cleaning & Protection Program includes a Fire Blocking Retreatment as well as an

Antiviral and Antibacterial Treatment. All applications are certified and industry-approved.

FIBER SEAL® is a registered trade mark of FIBER SEAL Ltd. Switzerland.

Leather restoration

Leather restoration
and care

FIBER SEAL's  Leather Restoration and Care Program

is designed to condition and protect all leather components in the interior of an aircraft, so prolonging the refurbishment cycle of the interior.



Our staff are experienced, highly qualified specialists in textiles and leather care.

Our technicians are carefully selected and continuously trained. They can rely on our in-house research and development capabilities supporting them with tailored technology to resolve the most demanding interior appearance issues.

It is our firm believe that Operators, Maintenance Stations as well as Aircraft Owners and Financiers share the same interest:

To safeguard the long-time quality of the interior of the aircraft while assuring the highest levels of cabin comfort, appearance and fire safety compliance.



continuing cabin

protection program

FIBER SEAL combines textile and leather care with other Services, in order to provide an one-stop solution for customers' cost reduction.

• saves costs
• reduces response and down time
• facilitates operator's administrative burden

• assures consistent interior quality

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